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September 18, 2009
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Assateague - Sunrise by JeanFan Assateague - Sunrise by JeanFan
Nikon D80 + 18-55 VR Nikkor. FLD filter was used to help enhance the pink/purple hues. F4.5. ISO 100. Exposure time 1/60s. GIMP for post editing. Levels were automatically adjusted. The level-adjusted layer was copied and pasted onto the original photo as a new layer. The level-adjust layer was set to Overlay. No further color edits were made. Crop; composed with a rough rule of thirds. Some minor dust and glare removal.
For some reason this photo appears really vivid, orange, pink and purple on my new monitor but on my old monitor it looked like crap :lol:
under the CC license, this photo may be displayed on other websites as long as:
1. Attribution (credit) is given to Jean Fan, roseonthegrey, AND roseonthegrey . deviantart . com
2. A link is placed on the website linking back to the original photo
3. All other conditions under the CC license are met (photo may not be altered in any way)
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I love the cool soft tones of this photo.
Very nice...
I really, really like this photo!! Beautiful.

There are always multiple possibilities regarding the differences in the appearance of photographic work on monitors.
Purely guessing there are the factors of lens quality (Hasselblad lens or generic lens, whatever came with your camera), focal length, digital v. analog (chemical) photography as well as lens exposure plus the capacity of the entire photographic system in use to record accurately a scene in the highest resolution with minimal distortion/pixelation. All that then carefully reviewing the resolution/discrimination of color scale which a particular monitor can display.

Of course, anyone who loves where and how Science and Art interface would be careful regarding these often competing factors and masterfully manage what is possible with the eye of creating a specific effect for the viewer.

Everyone fortunately can learn more and everyone can do better. Only the Tao, or Creator, is supreme in all things -- daily/nightly producing a panoramic experience stunning the human mind into silent amazement!
I loved Assateague when I went there a few years ago. Beautiful Picture
propan3 Apr 18, 2010  Student
Such pretty colours!
ironicna Apr 12, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Featured : [link] :aww:
littleleek Oct 26, 2009
Just amazing!!I love the colours ( they're vivid indeed^^ ).
so amazing <3
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