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In Love with STEM :iconjeanfan:JeanFan 27 11
Steam :iconjeanfan:JeanFan 199 10 Back to Basics :iconjeanfan:JeanFan 238 11 an invincible summer :iconjeanfan:JeanFan 156 8 Red Calla Lily :iconjeanfan:JeanFan 129 2 Little Books. Big Dreams. :iconjeanfan:JeanFan 144 12 Sweater Weather :iconjeanfan:JeanFan 192 11 Butterflies In My Stomach :iconjeanfan:JeanFan 224 9 Remember We Forgot :iconjeanfan:JeanFan 176 10 Galaxy :iconjeanfan:JeanFan 322 7 Bokeh Blossoms :iconjeanfan:JeanFan 869 26
and how to take these types of photos yourself

You can find all the information regarding the tools and equipment I used to achieve each photo along with general explanations on the photo setup and post-editing process in the Artist's Comments of each deviation. Photography tutorials and resources are also available on my website JFotography. And if you're still confused as to how I achieved each photo even after reading through my Artist's Comments and tutorials, feel free to contact me on dA or on Facebook. Though in most cases you will be able to answer your own questions with a bit of Googling.


free downloadable post-editing actions by JFotography

See JFotography's downloadables section for various free Photoshop actions and GIMP scripts to help you learn how to post-edit.


JFotography on Facebook

Follow me on JFotography's Facebook page for regular updates on photography, tutorials, resources like actions/script and stock photos, tips, ask questions or if you just want to have a conversation every now and then.



Please consult the Artist's Comments of each deviation for more information on the equipment and post-processing used for that photo. Or refer to my tools of trade list.

Can I use your photos?
All photos are protected under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Under the CC license:
You may:
    - Display my photos on your noncommercial blog/website/etc. as long as: 1. Credit is given in writing stating "Photo by Jean Fan (JFotography)" 2. A link is provided back to the original photo or 3. All other conditions under the Creative Commons license are met (ie. photo may not be altered in any way, the photo may not be used for commercial purposes, etc)
    - Modify, alter, transform, manipulate or build upon any of my photos (DO NOT REMOVE WATERMARKS!!) - Use my photos for a layout, collage, photomanipulation, etc (even if you give credit, knowing where you found the original image or knowing who took the photo is not the same as actually having the legal permission to use it in your submission)
Any use of my photos other than as authorized under this Creative Commons license or copyright law is prohibited.

Can I use your photos as references?
Yes, feel free to use my photos as references for traditional and digital paintings, vectors, etc. Please link back and credit the original photo as the reference. You may NOT use my photos for photomanipulations and/or paint-overs as my photos are not stock.

I'm doing a school project, can I use some of your photos?
Yes, feel free to use my photos for noncommercial, educational, and research purposes. Please give attribution (credit) to Jean Fan in writing where my photos are used or in a credits section. Please contact me if you've used my photos in any educational or research publications.

Are your photos available for commercial purposes?
All photos in my gallery are available for commercial use. Please refer to my website JFotography or contact me for more information.

You used to explain how you achieved each photo in the Artist's Comments but now you've stopped. Why?
I think it's important to promote free knowledge and the sharing of information so that we may all learn and help one another grow intellectually. So I try to lead by example by writing out the methods and protocols for how I achieved each photo in the Artist's Comments so others could learn and achieve the same kind of photos themselves. However, primarily due to lack of time, I can no longer keep up writing out methods, linking to relevant tutorials and resources, and providing detailed explanations. Camera Data can still be found on the sides of each deviation. Tutorials are still available on my website. I guess those who are interested in learning how I achieved each photo will just have to meet me half way.

You used to reply to all your comments but now you've stopped. Why?
I used to reply to every single comment because I believed that adequate communication is necessary to foster a sense of community and provide an environment for discussion and learning. I still believe this but now that I'm attending university and working, replying to every comment and thanking everyone individually is simply unrealistic. It took a lot of thought and a lot of input from the deviantArt community before I decided to stop replying to comments. I am still very grateful for everyone's support and will try to stay active on deviantArt.

What university are you attending? Are you majoring in photography?
I received my BS in biomedical engineering and applied math from Johns Hopkins University and am currently pursuing my PhD in biomedical informatics at Harvard University. I plan on doing photography simply as a hobby.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Most of my concepts are inspired by literature, music, maybe even television. I will generally provide the quote, lyrics, or train of thought that inspired the piece in the Artist's Comments of each deviation. My concept lists are frequently made public so feel free to access them here:… and… Or check out favorites or my tumblr where I hoard inspirational artworks.
If you're still curious, feel free to check out:
- Interview with TheConceptBox
- Interview with Something We Like
- Interview with bluegreenorange
- Interview with monofacture
- Interview with FaMz
Or just note me.


Jean Fan
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States

in case you're curious

My name is Jean. I am a self taught dilettante, specializing in conceptual photography. Although seeking formal training as a scientist, engineer and mathematician, I pursue photography as a serious hobby. Along with photography, I enjoy teaching, rambling, and conducting super biased polls.

I'm currently busy with work and school so I'm unable to reply to comments and thank everyone individually. My Artist's Comments and my FAQs below will most likely answer a majority of your questions. I'm a bit more active on my Facebook if you would like to ask questions or chat there.

Thanks for looking!
Licenza Creative Commons
i <3 open source


Kids are natural scientists.  Kids love to ask questions, look under rocks, take things apart and (sometimes) try to put them back together again. Unfortunately, starting from a young age, many kids, in particular girls and minorities, start to shy away from science, technology, engineering, and math or STEM subjects. This is in part due to the lack of women and minority role models who look like them in these fields. You can’t be what you can’t see!

I founded CuSTEMized to encourage kids, in particular girls and minorities, in science by providing picture storybooks that depict them in science careers. Thousands of free personalized ebooks and hundreds of free and discounted hard copies of our first personalized book, The Little Book of Big Dreams, have already inspired kids and classrooms around the world!

We are currently working on a new personalized storybook called My Colorful Future that will focus on teaching important applied science concepts as well as showcasing the real women and minority scientists behind it all! Please check out our Kickstarter campaign for more information.

We would greatly appreciate any help in sharing CuSTEMized as a resource for encouraging kids in science and the Kickstarter campaign. If you are an illustrator interested in getting involved, please contact me at

Thanks again for your help and support!

All the best,


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